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Welcome to Issue #6 of SESSIONS. This issue is all about my colleagues work. Other then my ad about beginning the shooting phase of The Halloween Project, all the other work on here is by other artist. It's time that SESSIONS opens itself up to other artist which is what it was supposed to be about from the start of issue #1. So here you have it, our first issue with the work of a few photographers to whom I admire.

Before I go much father with my editors notes, I want to throw out a tribute to one of the fallen. I lost a very close friend a few days ago. Not even sure how he passed, I just found out today he died. Dan Proctor was an artist like none other. He, like me, challenged himself on every medium of art that he could get his hands on. We would talk for hours about what we had tried, accomplished and failed at. Sadly in the last few years he had to give up art entirely, due to a constant shake in his hands that I noticed had begun to inch it's way to his face. He became fustrated, emotional, over losing his voice as an artist. So, he took delight in giving my daughter every art supply that he had in his home. His body racked with his disease and with the after effects of heart surgery and broken ribs had shrunk from his over 6 foot stature to a very thin and sickly man. His kids in California and having given up his house for a small apartment, I found his visits with me was more of a lonely man then someone who was driven to live. He just wanted to go home to the west coast and be with his girls.Nothing left for him in Kansas. Sadly Dan never made it. The last time I saw him was on his birthday. We barely got to have our long talks we would have once a week. When I heard of his passing it touched me deeply and still has ripples in my heart. I'll miss you Dan.

The Social Experiment: A month or so back I was on Tumblr and read about a Social Experiment a woman had created and used with her friends on Facebook. The woman in question is a clinical psychologist. So before you kick and scream at the findings, I would feel her knowledgeable in what she found in her test. Here is how the experiment works. Let's say you have a group of friends. I'll give a number of maybe 35. You are all friends and or family. One or two of the 35, you find out are friends with an additional one or two outside your group who have had a very bad negative effect on your personal life. So that "friend" or "friends" you have known, know things about you that probably are not true yet the outside friend might insinuate. Then you also realize the friend or family you thought was an actual friend isn't. They treat you no better then the person in your past who caused you or your family harm. Downgrade you, make fun of you, place blame at your feet. Treat you as less.
Now you have no right to ask this friend to NOT be friends with them and by all arrogance these days the reply would be I can be friends with whom I want to be. So, what do you do? Hm? Well in my experiment on FB, people answered on the post and also a few contacted me. The theory is that any one or two of these friends or family you know are aware they are playing both sides. Be it whatever percentage to one side or the other. The test is to see who jumps up and replies, the odds are that they will be the first. I point no fingers in my findings. One was a complete surprise. He is not one I even assumed was playing both sides. The rest, yes. They are friends with me and with someone who did a great deal of damage to me and my daughter. So did my experiement have the same results as the one the woman posted about? Yes! Worked the same exact way. The findings? Many actually. It's actually really interesting. Friends and family you know, actually feel that it benefits your life somehow if they are the middle between you and someone who has treated you as less. The person who treated you as less could be someone who broke your heart or broke your arm and beat you, doesn't matter. This person was toxic to your life and will continue to be toxic to you, if you allow them to. So, why keep that link between you and the toxic person? The womans experiment on Tumblr brought forth more friends and family then mine did. Another aspect, that the individual in the middle feels you should follow in their design and thinking. "I'm friends with them and have forgiven, so should you. Let's all be in a better place." Please remember this and take it to heart,...."There is no reward for being treated horribly. None! if you are the victim then there is no law, no requirement, that you treat the aggressor well. Detach, move on, and distance yourself from those who are connected to them. There is no cheek to turn, to those who have hurt you. Because in this day in age, the turn of the cheek, will allow more damage to your mind and soul." I wish I could say that these are my words but they are not. In the end, 75% of those that answered back to the experiment, answered with the most common answer. Disconnect. Unfriend, unfollow, move on. In the Doctors case she unfriended nearly 30 of her friends and family. In my case, so far I have unfriended one. There are more, and I am pondering my future with them. In my daughters corner, she unfriended a few quickly, which to me was more important. As for me, my Dad always kept his enemies close, so he could keep his eyes on them. Not sure I am up for that. But I did find the experiment interesting. You should try it yourself.
Last but not least, in this issue. As promised, Issue #6 is the my colleagues issue. I only have an ad that features my work. All the rest is contributors work. In the beginning of creating SESSIONS, that was the goal. I will pick up with my work in either Issue #7 or #8. Much is still in the planning stage. I actually am enjoying this dynamic. Took a great deal of weight off me. Of course other then the front page, there will be no creation of the SESSIONS cover art, since that's my series. But front page to the website the winning contributor gets the SESSIONS Online Mag cover created around his or her work. Then they get a feature page inside. Have I confused you yet? I hope not. The rest of the issue contains a variety of artist, whom as I always say, I admire their work. So, how can you as an artist, photographer, musician, writer, model, etc., get your work into SESSIONS? Easy, send me work. You will get in. I am in need of contributors so there is a 90% chance of your being in some part of future issues. Who decides on the front cover? Me. No one else. In this case, I chose the work of Daniel Love. I loved every contribution I received and the decision was hard, but I think it was well chosen. He's a very talented photographer who has a high amount of respect in the Kansas City area. Backing his work up is Roger Duvall, who was awarded the Artist profile this month. I've never had the chance to meet either artist but I love their work. And Roger is a darkroom hermit like I was, so he's Golden in my book. Issue #6, belong to my friends, with a great deal of respect to their work. Well done everyone!