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Today I was sitting and relaxing while in the middle of editing the final touhces of this magazine and it hit me that it's possible there is zero I have say to everyyone. Then, as always happens, something hit me that turned the page on that. I found out, that a few of my fellow photographers, more then a few actually, pass on having the model sign a Model Release. Are all of you nuts? Are you out of your mind?? The very first thing I learned in this business is secure a model release. ALWAYS!! Yet as I am at the dinner table chatting with my daughter I came away with the names of handful of my local fellow artist/photographers who do not do Model Releases. It comes down to an odd agreement between them and the model. Again and I say this with a huge amount of WTH to this statement, are you people nuts?? There is zero reason NOT to secure a Model Release. After hearing from a few photographers who wanted to submit work to SESSIONS, yet had to check with the model to see if it was ok. I'm sorry but this is harsh, but a Model Release is must. It secures and protects a lot to do with you, the work you submit and the work you submit. The bad feeling I am getting here is if a few of you photographers are thinking, if I DON'T have her sign a release then maybe she will trust me more, allow me to maybe shoot her nude, etc..This is foolish thinking. OMG!! A Model Release not only protects you, it protects the model as well. I had to sit down at the computer and Google this idiot act. I mean maybe I am missing something here. NOPE! 90% of what I read encouraged a photographer to secure a Model Release. Here is my take, if you submit to this magazine, I suggest NOT letting me know you don't secure a Model Release. All I can say on this for now.
This is indeed The Halloween Project Takeover of SESSIONS Online Magazine. Welcome! I have worked very hard on this issue. So if you are a photographer and if you submitted to this publication for the Halloween theme, I have one question to ask you,.......Not as easy as you thought, huh? And it's not. While many can take a model, either strip her nude or not, and cover them in blood, do a few suggestive poses and call it Halloween, the reality is that it's harder then it looks. This is our 5th year at doing this and every year the challenge to do the shoots become harder, more complex. Jessica Jinx does my special effects makeup and we added quite a few techniques to match the shoot we were doing. Then throw in dealing with the models schedule, my schedule, the day job schedule, weather, etc.. and you have yourself and horror movie in the making. It was an exhausting process but one I love to do every year. In March I created 37 concept ideas and in the end only did maybe 20. By my count there is 17 left and the ideas are growing. Minus the damn clown and his red balloon. Pop the dann thing and punch him in the face, so tired of clowns. It's gotten old. Yet, I say very little. Gas Mask have gotten old but I still do shoots around them. So I have no room to talk.
So here goes my thanks for this issue. Kali Rising, Stephanie Dilaveri, AL Pearce, Jessica Jinx, Erica Morrison, Erika Pinkley, Shawnna Jones, Jody Jarvis, Daniel Love, Shawn Wagner, Rissy Elisabeth, Brian Scott, Melissa Marie, Jordan Berry, Ashley Murrell, Manda Cheek, Ellie McLeod, Tessie Moreno, and many more. I hope i covered all who took part.  I wish you all an awesome Halloween. I love you all and thank you for taking part.

Last tidbit, a little story. I have shot with a model since she was of age to model. I trained her and watched her grow into modeling, she had so much potential. Yet at some point she saw the images we shot of her and judged her body on them. Eventually she gravitated to body building. So a couple of years go by and she is once again, willing to pose. But she puts it, as long as we don't do those Halloween pictures, I'm not into that. Good enough. So I shelved working with her. Before you go off on me, hear me out. First off the context of my work, my huge portfolio barely has Halloween imagery in them. Second she knows me better to know that its all I do. Third, I am so tired of shaming, either by one on one or by social media. Very tired of living my life by others, views. So I felt it was best to distance myself from the model. If you know me then you also know that this is merely a photo series I do and nothing more. It's maybe worked on four months out of the year. Bigger lesson in all this? That never judge me. Or you won't be part of my life.

Happy Halloween to all my SESSIONS fans!! Much love!!

K R Tracy