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So here we are at Issue #7 and to date, this will be the largest photo submission I have had since I created the magazine a lil over a year ago. 10 artist contributed work. While it might not seem like a lot, for this small publication it speaks volumes. I would like to tank every photographer and artist who contributed work for this issue and I encourage more artist to send their work to SESSIONS. The object? Exposure. It's as simple as that. Nothing more. Which leads me to my Editors topic for this issue. I will do this without shouting out names. In fact, I doubt the artist will even see this lil editors vent, but I will have my say anyway. So here it is, if I reach out to YOU as an artist, I am doing so because I respect YOU and YOUR work. This might not matter or phase you, but here is the thing. You wanna make money? Then let an audience see your work. This publication does have fans. In the first hour of the last issue, we had over 1200 hits to the magazine. That's in the first hour and most of the hits,....outside the state I reside in, a more then a few outside country. Every page was looked through, every link I provided to showcase the persons work. My tracker found that artist links were utilized. While you might think that this magazine is just a pipe dream or lame attempt at attention, it's actually a drive to have the work of artist I admire have their work seen. Believe me, I could be doing my own work. I have a pile of that in front of me. I could be walkig away from this and go back to simply creating my own images. "So Kerry, cut to the chase, where are you going with this?" Good question. Here it is,........

Two weeks ago I reached out to a photographer who I felt was going through some tough times. Felt bad for her. I've been through hell a few times myself, saw she was trying to reclaim her life, getting back shooting, and was giving her all at it. Great!! Let me help, let me showcase your work. You're a great photographer, beautiful work, would look great in SESSIONS, Illusion Gallery, etc. So I sent her a message. She was at first thrilled, seemed excited. I was like great!! Sent her the details to submitting work. Waited a few days, was going through submissions and saw she had not sent anything yet. So I went back to our conversation. The entire message on her end was gone. It was me talking to myself. For one, I wasn't even sure this was possible. Then I realized, oh I have been unfollowed. Yanked her side of the messages. So I recontacted. Was very nice, asked if she was at all interested. After a few hours and late in the day I get a short reply, "Hello, I am focusing on paid work. If I have time to submit I will let you know."  Now I have had a few in my time doing this publication return my messages and tell me they simply don't have the time to send work in. I get that, but  what hit me sour is the "Focusing on paid work". Look, this is not my first rodeo people. I've done commercial work for years and while I was fully in business I jumped at any chance to have my work seen. Why? Because getting your work out there and seen, is how you get people interested in working with you. NO! I don't pay for work submitted to this magazine. It's free advertising of your work and your skills. It's your being seen by more then the people in your 25 miles radius. And ya know what, I ask for 5 images. 5! If I can take the time to contact you, provide you with free advertising and exposure, plus design this mag, then you can take 20 minutes of your life, and send 5 images. I get it! This publication is below you. It doesn't meet the standards for which you hold yourself. I get it. A person puts their hand out to help you and in return you slap it away? Jesus this world is fucked up. I don't play the local game of rub elbows with the right people, keep your nose clean and your mouth shut. I'm about art, I'm about the image and creating. Could give a damn about the politics around this area. There are many magazines from the past that offered an artist zero financial gain. Shots Magazine, Shutterbug, PDN, etc.., these were magazines that had free submission areas and they paid zip. But they did get your work seen. People forget that. People no longer try and go outside the box of 50 miles they live in and try to be seen by more, that is unless, they are paid or not paid. It's sad. Short long story, in the 1990's I was having issues with Photo Flo. (This is a darkroom chemical that is a final wash bath for negatives). I had used this for years, but was beginning to have issues with it. So while in a photo supply store, I saw that a few guys were shooting the shit at the counter. Guys who had been doing this for years. I thought hey, I will just ask them what formula combination they used when using it. You would have thought I had asked for the key to use the atomic bomb. I was scoffed at, made fun of, questioned about my work, what film, how long have you been doing this, what makes you think you can talk to us, etc.. This went on for a few minutes. I just stopped them all and said it's fine, I think I will find my own answer to this. Was on my way to walk out when a guy off to the side stopped me. Shook his head at the idiots at the counter. Ended up he was a photographer at the Kansas City Star, gave me a tip on a better chemical to use, was extremely nice and we remained friends. His take on the guys at the counter, that they were stuck where they were because they had no want to do anything more then what they did. Maybe if they went outside their EGO's then maybe they would go farther in their lives. Good point and well said, EGO is huge culprit in going no where in your life. Enough said.

K R Tracy