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  First off I want to squash any rumors to SESSIONS demise. Which comes from emails I get or from messaging. I doubt it will go away, least not this year. If we do choose to stop then it will be strictly due to lack of time. Every issue of the magazine gets a great amount of hits and that's just not come by and look stats. We are able to monitor page hits. Visitors give the magazine a full read. So it's not about the publications popularity. Time would be more the culprit. Each issue was eating up a great deal of our time. I've been going full swing at my Halloween series, and my new studio, The Image Factory, so pulling away from these projects to do SESSIONS has been a challenge. But we go on and here we are, SESSIONS remains. 
  The one thing that has changed and for the better, is that the magazine will now be a quarterly publication. This enables us all to do our own thing, produce work, and live a life outside of producing a magazine. The grind was getting in the way of our creating new work, as well as doing our own projects. So quarterly answered a huge amount of issues. I can tell you sitting down to finally create this issue was more a pleasure then work getting in the way. 
  The On White issue is simplified version of SESSIONS. The challenge was to make it as much as like an actual magazine as possible. The little arrows to each side can turn the page back and forth. It's a very simple concept. Although my fear is that a few viewers will not get it. We'll see how it goes. An additional item, this is the only issue that will not include a SESSIONS photo series cover. I wanted this issue to stand solely on it's own. The photo series cover will be back for the July issue.
  On a personal note. I have many new adventures going on in my life. After being with a job I had for over 11 years, I quit. Eventually the grind of doing a "job" everyday that wasn't what I enjoyed doing got the best of me and enough was enough. I can honestly say that it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. Many things lay before me and I am happy about that. Hell I am happy in general. It did wonders for my anxiety and stress. Plus my want to create is bursting at the seams. So this is a great move. 
Enjoy issue 11, we enjoyed making it.......Again!  
K R Tracy