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So I know from a website tracker that SESSIONS Online Magazine gets between 50 to 500 hits a day. If this is the case then the odds are in my favor that viewers will read this and I hope they do because I want to announce a few changes to the site. Before I go into all that's changing and what this present issue entails. I would like to give my respects to a fellow photographer that has passed. I only had the pleasure of working with Bob Womack once, when we both covered the UPROAR Fest. Neither of us had ever covered a Rock Concert before. It was our job to shoot the UPROAR Girl, for Sullen Clothing line. We were both too ducks out of water. The girls were fun to shoot and we both got to experience what it was like to see how a rockstar was backstage. It was an experience and we both had fun with it. After the girls were judged, during a break in the concert, we both had a chance to stay and shoot the bands. I said hell yeah, but Bob passed on it. We said our goodbyes. Few days after the concert we friended each other on Facebook, and somewhat stayed in touch. I admired his work. His black and white images were my favorite. He found shots that no one else ever saw. I can remember looking at his work with models and thinking, "why didn't I think of that?" It's sad to lose one of our own. Sad to see the work they did frozen with no new work added behind it. Sad that times goes on and there is one less camera shooting something spectacular. For those that knew Bob better then I, I'm very sorry for your loss. My hope is that he is in a much better place, maybe with a camera in hand.

Now back to the important changes. If you have followed the past issues of SESSIONS, you are aware of the growing pains this poor magazine has had. It's been a roller coaster ride to say the least. In hindsight, and if I were to give any artist advice on what I have learned, never take a photo series you love and convert it into a magazine. Originally SESSIONS Online was an exploration into my work and the photo series, my interest in magazines like, Rolling Stone, Fuse, etc..That worked well in the beginning and it is still my drive. But I'm now opening the whole publication to more. The following changes are in effect for the next issue in June.

A. 6 Issue set per year, 3 out of the 6 the cover page will be my work. But the other 3 covers will be another photographers work. With my designed graphics around the image. Photographer will retain all rights, credits will be given, and their cover shots will connect to an inside one page layout. Photographers interested in being in the issue will need to submit up to 12 images of one set. I'll go through submissions and decide upon what Photographer gets into the issue. Just because a Photographers work is not accepted for the cover, it doesn't mean that it won't be used inside, or even in a future issue. Unlike other magazines, I won't throw what you sent away of tuck it into the back of file. It will be used. The June issue is the test issue. After that we will see what future work will include more artist. Submissions can be sent to my email or through FB messenger. Deadline is June 12th. If I don't receive the cover I need then my own work will be used. But I would prefer this to be someone else's work.

B. Artist Profile. This will go on and I hope to add more artist to it. I'm looking for Photographers, Photographic Artist, Artist, etc...send me work!! This submission is a mix of images. Where the cover image is one set. The Artist Profile can be a variety of images. I need up to 12 or more images sent. Artist Profile can be any level of talent. Be it beginner to pro. Hell send me iphone shots, don't care. I know a pro photographer going through hard times, that is using a Polaroid camera right now. If he can do it, you can. Images can be sent to me by email or messenger. Deadline is June 12th

C. Illusion Gallery. Hopefully this proves out to be as popular as I hope it will be. Any Photographer or Photographic Artist can submit work. I need 3 to 5 images sent with your watermark on it, and a model credit given if the image has a model in it. Provide a link to your website, Facebook, IG, Twitter, 500px, Patreon, etc.. Images can be sent to me by email or by messenger. Deadline is June 12th.

A few quick requirements. Nudes can be sent. But I need it to stay within an R rating and no more. Fine Art Nudes, Glamour Nudes, and low erotic are fine, but nothing more extreme. Lean towards the art side. Yes, I know I once shot erotic, but SESSIONS is more about art then sex. Images need to be 300 dpi and large. Jpegs are fine, for online they work best. A bio!! Hardest thing in your life to do but it helps for readers to know more about you. Non judgement of other artist work. Please refrain from bringing drama to this publication.

What do you get in return? Exposure!! I can promise you that your work will be pimped. It will be shared. It will be shown to the masses and advertised as much as possible. SESSIONS is not about your getting rich. It's about your work being seen. I am seeking outside Kansas submissions so your work will hopefully mix with other artist work. We do what we do to have what we create seen and appreciated. That is the pay you get for being part of this endeavor.

This is the changes I speak of. The offer. The pitch. I"m also interested in any form of literary writings, so please send them this way as well. In October my series The Halloween Project takes over SESSIONS. While I usually shoot for the cover, I am looking for submissions for this issue as well. But more of that when the time comes closer. My hope is that you are excited for this chance to be part of SESSIONS Online Magazine.

As for this issue, I want to thank Erica Shelley, Daniel Love, Shawnna Jones, Erika the Photographer, Jessica Jinx, Gustavo Arzate-Santos, and Summer May, for their submitting work to the Illusion Gallery. Lea Kreuger for her Literary Contribution, and Dan Hurdle for his interesting take on the life of swingers. Last but not least Model Manda Cheek for letting us torment her with various head dresses that made for the cover of this issue of SESSIONS. Thank you to you all!!

Please Enjoy! K R Tracy