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So here is the grand news. As of 2016, I am dissolving my studio, 5th Light Studio and moving fully away from the type of commercial work I did in the past. No more Weddings, no more Senior pictures,etc. I've found that I enjoy doing the art side and miss the freedom it allowed. The Image Factory will become my studio and driving force. I'm an artist who used to sell my print work. Processing each image by hand in my darkroom. I would like to get back to that mind set. I have recently begun creating my own books centered around my work, as well as a purchasable magazine that centers on my images. The goal will be to again find a way to sell prints, that I process on my own, no third party. Too often, a photographer sells himself out because he loses his way and begins to believe that he has to do it like all the other guys. I'm going back to what works for me. Producing your own Online Magazine has taught me a lot in the year. I love the art side to it. I've found that I don't fit in with the mainstream photographer. I'm much more a Photographic Artist.

The Image Factory, is about publishing the work I create, as well as the work of others who are part of the Image Factory, be it self publishing. The goal is to work with a group of models, a team, to create a body of work that I have stored away in a mountain of shoot ideas for a few years now. MUA's, Special Effects, and pulling my daughter in as a photographer as well. These days she stands on her own as a talented photographer with her own creative ideas. I want that kind of connection with her. I also plan to build on the portfolio that I have created around model/muse, Summer May. We still have many ideas we have yet to accomplish. As I said, this is a team and the plans we have are exciting. As of 2017, The Image Factory begins.